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Nena revealed she had a near-death experience early on in her life, where she recalls a mysterious vision of nine angels talking to her, telling her to go back and finish her work on earth. She had almost forgotten about this near-death vision until her mother passed away. And then, once more the vision of the nine angels came to her about the time she was looking for someone to manage her bed and breakfast inn.Nena first met Connie Vlasis in 1995 while Connie was working as the fund-raising chairman for the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation. During a day of organizing assistance for abused women. Tanya Brown walked in with an angel pin. The group decided that day to adopt the angel pin as their fund-raising project symbol. Within a short time, the pin had raised $2,000 for the organization. Connie''s catering business card was passed on to the former manager of the Zosa Ranch Bed & Breakfast Inn, to assist in catering an event.

Lots of people were married in Nevada last year--about 125,000. A big part of the reason so many folks chose to wed in the state is that it''s easy. No blood test is required nor is there a waiting period. Any person 18 or older does not need consent, although proof of age is requested. Marriage licenses are obtained at the county clerk''s office in any of Nevada''s 17 counties. And the state''s wedding chapels offer as many or as few amenities as you desire.In Nevada, when it comes to weddings you have few legal restrictions--and a built-in honeymoon destination.Not surprisingly, Las Vegas gets most of the action--last year more than 200 couples per day tied the knot there--but plenty of prospective brides and grooms select other parts of the state for their vow-sharing, including Reno, Lake Tahoe, Laughlin, and Carson City.

Additionally, many of Nevada''s more rural areas have historic and picturesque county courthouses and churches that provide all authentic Old West setting for a wedding ceremony.With hundreds of faiths and denominations represented in Nevada, the place of worship and clergy of your choice are almost always available for marriage ceremonies.Of course, among the most popular places to be married are Nevada''s wedding chapels, many of which can be found inside the state''s major resort hotels.The most important thing to remember for couples heading to the altar is to obtain a marriage license. In Nevada, a marriage license is good for one year and can be used to be married anywhere in the state.Be sure to bring cash to purchase the marriage license at any of the state''s 17 county courthouses. Additionally, the prospective newlyweds must bring legal identification such as a valid driver''s license, current passport, or copy of a birth certificate.

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